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Mr Jennings - The Intergalactic Speakeasy
July 06, 2011 09:08 PM PDT

Electro swing? Glitch hop? SWING CRUNK?!

That's right folks, this new mix is all that and more, with a fedora on top. It's definitely a major milestone for me, being my first mix recorded with Ableton Live instead of turntables. Inspired by the crazy mixing capabilities of Ableton and the quirky swing vibe of our Speakeasy parties at Balliceaux, I decided that swing crunk needed to become a reality. Half glitch hop, half live swing crunk mashups. I hope you enjoy smiley

You should check out my music page on Facebook here:

And website here:

Photo by Natural Science Productions: http://naturalscienceproductions.tumblr.com/


1. Merdan Taplak - Tweet
2. J.me.J - Win Some Lose Some
3. Caravan Palace - Starscat / An-ten-nae - ill
4. Gin Schiller - WahWah WhataWah / J.me.J - Win Some Lose Some
5. Jungle Book - Wanna Be Like You (Brother Justin remix)
6. ShifteQ - Swibble Shoop Edit
7. Hobotech - Baby Don't You Wanna Go
8. K+Lab - Old Boy (Groove Status Remix)
9. Caravan Palace - Je M'amuse
10. Tape Five - Dixie Biscuit / Glitchy & Scratchy - Speech Therapy
11. Fred Astaire - Puttin' on the Ritz (Club de las Belugas Remix) / J.me.J - Tiger Maul (The Anthem)
12. Kaleidoscope Jukebox - Tight Like That / Heyoka - Cheesy Poof
13. The Revels - Comanche (Heyoka Remix)
14. Lykke Li - Get Some (Beck Remix)
15. Swing Republic - Oh What You Do to Me / Remixed beats from the Get Some remix
16. Spark Arrester - Jazz Pearl (Mishkin Remix) / Boreta - Lobegrinder
17. Unkle Ho - Kindergarten (Rube Remix) / Hovatron - Gypsy Trader (Disruption Edit)
18 Tape Five - Pantaloons / Tigorilla - Panther
19. FM Einheit - Princess Crocodile / Vent - Lunatics
20. JPOD - Hobblestone (ft. Dynamic)
21. Vent - Lunatics

Jesus Loves Dubstep
February 07, 2011 09:15 PM PST

This mix covers a lot of Kid Wonton's firsts. Jesus Loves Dubstep is his first recording on the PLF Podcast; and the first time he's recorded a set of dubstep ever!

Coming in at 31 minutes, its packed with many different styles; a little bit of chill, a healthy dose of main floor, followed by a hint of evil, and finished off with some hip hop/glitch hop to round it all off! Headphones or Subwoofers are strongly suggested, but ya'll already knew that!


Long Ago - Bassobese
Save As - Mr. Mitch
Skukazu - Marty Party
Summertime in Oakland - Siren
Turnt Up - Dumbsteppaz
King Step - Dumbsteppaz
The Love Theme (Indian Girl) - Cottonmouth Remix
Back for the First Time - Caspa
Oy (feat. Crookers) - Rusko
I Need You VIP - Graphics
Urban Assault (Grannys Dubstep) - Dope
Level Attack - Sugarpill
Jesus Loves Dubstep - D-Queue

Mr. Jennings - Live at the Canal Club (supporting Shpongle) - 9/30/10
Icon_chapters   Explicit
October 03, 2010 03:06 PM PDT

Recently, I had the pleasure of playing two sets at the Shpongle show in Richmond. This is my second set, between The Malah and Shpongle, from 12-12:30. The crowd was huge, the people were hype, and the vibe was awesome all night. Many thanks to EQ Productions for bringing great artsists to town, and for having me come play! Big ups to all of you all who came and danced, and of course to The Malah and Shpongle!

This is a good teaser for the new mix I'm working on. If you like what you hear, please add my music page at www.facebook.com/misterjennings .

Also, if you enjoy the PLF Podcast, please consider clicking the Paypal button on the right to donate a few bucks.. Your support will help us pay for the Podomatic service and keep the podcast alive! Thanks to Todd Raviotta for the photos!

Thanks for listening!


1. Troll Trouble - Bassobese
2. Come Together (David Starfire remix) - The Beatles
3. Micron - Heyoka
4. Jealousy - Libton
5. Change to Grade - Jam Jarr
6. Strawberry Jam Forever - A Skillz
7. Patchouli Dump Truck - Opiuo
8. Mashington - Mad Zach & R2 the Specialist
9. Reeces Pieces - Vent
10. Eggplantation - ill.Gates
11. Dirty Number 7 - An-Ten-Nae

Reinhold's "CHEEZE WHIZ" Mix
September 29, 2010 09:42 AM PDT


Welcome to the Cheese Whiz mix! Honestly this mix is just so silly, I fell over laughing a few times while recording it. Its a little out of the norm than what I would usually spin live. However, I got an idea In my head to do a concept album of sorts ... and I went with it.

It is my hope that it will make you laugh, and at times bang your head while pumping your fist in the air! I start it off with a 1970's Spainsh Cheese Whiz commercial (below), which of course is pretty appropriate opening for all this cheese. This mix is full of songs that are classics that we love/hate and are in many ways guilty pleasures, and then there are just some killer tracks in here as well. In this mix I go from AD/DC mix to Sandstorm directly into Zombie Nation. Did I mention Bon Jovi? Now, I completely take the blame for all this, and because of it I went ahead and poured Cheese Whiz all over my face - as you can see! Im sure I will put up the whole photo shoot for it soon for you to check out online - and you can have fun laughing at me and the ridiculous mess that it made. Well I hope you enjoy listening to Cheese Whiz, and If you stick around to the end you will hear the famed "Meow!" song that I rarely get to play - its always good for a laugh.

Much thanks,
Reinhold - PLF/RVA

Special thanks goes out to Todd Raviotta (Photo), Conway Jennings, and Tony Harris (design) for their help on this mix.


Cheez Whiz de Kraft - commercial 1985 - Venezuela (link below)
A Team Theme (Twin Pack Voxx Remix)
Its Bigger than Hip Hop - WTF vs Dead Prez - Sidney Samson
SHOTS, to the Heart - (LMFAO VS Lil Jon vs Bon Jovi)
Thunderstruck (Crookers Mix)
Sandstorm Original Mix DaRude
Zombie Nation (Sport Chant Remix) - Kernkraft 400
ZOMBIES! - Designer Drugs
I Got My Eye On You feat. Luciana (Chuckie Remix)
How Low (Cobra Krames Club Remix)
Rage Against The Machine vs Laid Back Luke
Back With an 808 - Sharp
Finally - DJ Falk Ibiza Edit
Sexy Bitch - Guetta feat. Akon (Chuckie Lil Jon Remix)
Pump Up The Jam - Crowd Is Jumpin Mix
Sirens - Original Mix (more Sirens!!!) - Detboi
What Is Love 2K9 - Klaas Impact Mix Edit
Animal - Fake Blood Remix
Mr. Jack - Original Mix - Luna City Express
World Wide Party (Hoxton Whore mix) Cold As Ice (Dubstep mix) - Specimen A
Meow Meow - Original Mix & Outro - High Rankin

Redarkulous: Conjured by Akasha
April 30, 2010 09:01 PM PDT

from Akasha:
This mix has relentless intent to the point of ridiculous, plunging to the depths with an omni-present sub-bass that takes a journey down to Grimeland.

If you don't own a sub your missing out on one of the finer things in life..... do yourself a favor...

This mix climbs in and out, with tracks consistently power mixing one upon the other up to 3 even 4 tracks at times, converging between remixes and originals, and skipping around all parts of songs. Telling a story when and how I tell it to from the great music provided by this collection of amazing producers. Each transition in the parts of the mixes are loops launched at my bidding, going far beyond the usual sound and practice of letting a song play out.

This mix is a journey and a milestone for me, I appreciate all who make it to the end of the mix and share the joy of getting redarkulous.

1. Hear Me Now - Organikismnes
2. Go Ask Alice - The Widdler
3. Trust Nobody - spmc
4. Warehouse - Fused Forces
5. Shakedown - Don Froth
6. Old School of Bass - SUBFREQ
7. Jamaica-Nice - 6blocc & Ohmen
8. Calypso - Excision, Datsik
9. Ill Technique - Fiend, c6Bloc
10. Ancient Memories Skream Remix - Digital Mystikz;
11. Rockstar - Benga
12. jenova project Datsik
13. Dot-Dot-Dash - Relocate, Buraka Som Sistema
14. O - Monsta
15. Shadow 6blocc Remix
16. Talk-Too-Loud - 6blocc, K'LIN
17. Speakers_Corner - DJ Quest & Eskmo
18. EGYPTIAN - Ed Solo
19. Streetwise - Vesicle
20. Break Them - Ale_Fillman_&_MK2
21. Empty - Fabian
22. Akira - Koan Sound
23. Retroform - Fabian
24. Imagination feat Lady_Shanime_Ishe_Remix - Adam Arete
25. Black-Panther - The One
26. Soledat - Fabian
27. Blue-Dog - Piro & Proxima
28. b4_the_dual_-_Benga
29. Duel - Benga
30. Output - Joker
31. Why Wait - Soroka
32. Plannet - Dom Hz
33. Midnight - Bar 9
34. Lace - Random Rab

"I ♥ Cakes" - Reinhold's New Years Eve Mix
March 05, 2010 03:20 PM PST

JReinhold "I ♥ Cakes"

Track Listing
Nordlicht - JELO Mix The Doxis, Plumo
Disko Biskit (Original Mix) Pascal & Pearce
Fat Patchy - Original Club Mix Muzzaik
V1ru5 - Original Mix Olivier Giacomotto, DJ Tonio
Air Miles - 2000 And One & DJ Madskillz Christian Smith, Reset Robot
Unholy Grail - Original Mix Alex Kidd (USA)
Cake Shop Is Dope- Original Mix Uppermost
Bitch Ass Trick - Original Version Starkillers
Freakshow - Original Club Mix Prok & Fitch
Burgundy - Original Mix Olivier Giacomotto
Wolfgang's 5th Symphony (Original Mix) Wolfgang Gartner
Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) Jason Rooney
Let It Go (Axwell Vocal Mix) Dirty South
She Came Along feat. Kid Cudi - Sharam's Sharam
Whistle Choon - Original Mix Bassbin Twins
Feel High - Original Mix Timeline
Whyle The Fuck Out - Original Mix Matt U
Youth Blood - 12th Planet & Flinch Remix Jinder
I Know It’s You - Original Mix DJ Madd


Reinhold's Wintry Mix - Live Set -
March 02, 2010 08:28 PM PST

Live set from Richmond, VA
Recoded Live at WRIR
wrir.org/ (Richmond Independent Radio)

And through these amazing people @:
www. robot.evolveva.com

2 hour Special Live Set -

This has a lot of my favorite, and most beautiful tracks that I don't get a chance to play out often. For this mix I had to travel in the snow to get to the WRIR studio, and much of Richmond and the east coast was in a blanket of snow and ice. I think watching the falling snow earlier that morning effected me, making a big impact on the track selection. In this mix I move through many styles of music I enjoy. Of course I added a personal touch of some of my favorite musicians into this mix (NIN, Tomahawk, Aphex Twin).

I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I enjoyed playing it ....



Reinhold Wintry Mix Artist
Miss You - Trentemoller
Our Bells - Kieran Hebden Mix Four Tet
Landscapes - Original Mix Idioma
Vocal Chords - Original Mix Claude VonStroke
Deep Side Of The Moog Joris Voorn
Santiago De Chile (Original Mix) Alex Young and Scella
Cliclak Orchestra - Original Mix Giovanni Damico
Carousel - Original Mix Ramon Tapia
El Circo Del Sol - Original Mix Alex Kenji
Chicky Chicky - Original Mix Rodriguez Jr.
Burn Myself - Original Mix Edu Imbernon, Coyu
Schnertuppen-Regen - Original Dominik Eulberg
Brunn - Original Mix Kenton Slash Demon
Violino - Club Mix Dave Kurtis
Freakshow - Original Club Mix Prok & Fitch
Iong - Ahmet Sendil Remix Andrea Roma
Sky And Sand - Original Mix Paul Kalkbrenner
A Lost Warmth - Original Mix Vincent Casanova
21 Ghosts III Nine Inch Nails
Antelope Ceremony Tomahawk
Do You - PANTyRAiD Remix Freeland
Girl/Boy Song Aphex Twin
Broken Memory - Original Mix Desto
Drop The Other - Original Mix Emika
Baya - Deep Focus Remix Bruce Dickinson
Get Up - Guido Mix Yolanda, Pinch
Sweat - Original Mix Untold
Our Bells - Kieran Hebden Mix Four Tet
Marl 1 - You'll Never Guess Re Tsewer Beta

ALSO - Check out "BOUNCE" podcast on rvamag.com. Conway and I post mixes from all over on the RVA Magazines podcast site.

Thanks again,

James Gyre - don't don't dance
January 05, 2010 09:26 AM PST

James Gyre is the man. We are super pumped to finally get a mix from him up on our podcast. He is deeply knowledgeable in every kind of music you can think of (seriously!) and it definitely shows in his sets. This mix spans all kinds of electronic music including electro, dubstep, baltimore club, all kinds of weird shit I've never heard before, and more. However, it's not uncommon to hear him throw in all kinds of music from all over the world, such as bhangra, cumbia, jazz, kuduro, etc. You should definitely download this mix. It's amazing.

Check out his blogs:



1. wAgAwAgA - maytime daytime sun
2. Mochipet - Get Your Whistle Wet (DJ Sep & Jason Short Dub Mix Featuring Juakali)
3. Von Magnet - Mostar Angels
4. madera limpia - la lenta (schlachthofbronx remix)
5. Bonde Do Role - Awa Nare Remix
6. Busy Signal - Da style deh (Douster Dagga remix)
7. Malente, Dex - Gipsy Kings feat. Analogik
8. Stereotype Meets Al-Haca - Nu Styling (feat. DJ Collage)
9. Com.a - Ghetto Magic
10. Guns N' Bombs - Riddle Of Steel (Original Mix)
11. Workidz - Work It (Glitch Remix)
12. DJ Sega - Paper Planes (Philly Club Remix)
13. DJ DEEKLEIN - Dont Smoke Da Reefer (Twocker's Superskunk Re-Rub)
14. DJ Quest & Eskmo - Speakers Corner
15. DJ Blaqstarr - Shake It To The Ground (Claude von stroke remix)
16. Bounce Camp - Big Dancin
17. Zero DB - Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines
18. Toadally Krossed Out! - Toads Theme
19. Dorian Concept - Color Sexist
20. A-Trak - Say Whoa (Boys Noize Remix)
21. Jack Beats - What (Foamo Edit)
22. Bok Bok - Nntf09
23. dj tameil - get silly
24. DJ tim dolla - We Are Ur Friends(
25. Hot City - Head Work
26. Akufen - Deck the house (Herbert stops like this mix)
27. BRACKLES - Sutorîto Faitâ
28. Gucci Vump - Sha, Shtil!
29. Wiley - Eyes Of The Lord (Prod. By Nathan Retro)
30. Horsepower Productions - special 131
31. 2562 - Flashback
32. Faltydl - Bravery
33. Illyah & Ltd. Candy - Fight the Formation

Dj Beatdown - Bass In Yo Face
September 28, 2009 07:27 PM PDT

Bass (pronounced /ˈbeɪs/ as in base), when used as an adjective, is used to describe tones of low frequency or range. Played in an ensemble/orchestra, such notes are frequently used to provide a counterpoint or counter-melody, in a harmonic context either to outline or juxtapose the progression of the chords, or with percussion to underline the rhythm. In popular music the bass part most often provides harmonic and rhythmic support, usually playing the root or fifth of the chord and stressing the strong beats. Music players are generally considered better quality if the bass notes can be heard clearly and loudly, as many music players operate with a high level of treble and minimum bass.

This is Beatdown's new mix - it's big, it's loud, and it'll kick your ass. A solid hour of fidgety electro bangers. The title speaks for itself...

Mr Jennings - Transformed
August 07, 2009 08:50 AM PDT

This is the first mix I've recorded with no house in it whatsoever.  Inspired by my tag team set with Akasha at Transformus, this mix is full of some nasty dubstep bass, but still maintains a little bit of smoothness as well.  Please check out my older mixes and add me on Myspace and Facebook if you like it. Thanks for listening!

Tracklisting (Title-Artist):

1. The Bride - The Widdler
2. Atrium - Bird of Prey
3. Everyday Hustle (AC Slater Mix) - B. Rich
4. Yo Yo Get Funky (Crissy Criss remix) - DJ Fast Eddie
5. Breath - Fruitlegs
6. Imagination ft. Lady Shanime (Ishe remix) - Adam Arete
7. Can't Help Me - Bare Noize
8. We Are the Glitch (DJG Remix) - Coalition of the Killing
9. The Untitled Dub - F
10. Stand By You - The Widdler
11. You Are Everything Also (J.Rogers Everything is Nothing Mix) - Coalition of the Killing
12. 666 - Hardplace
13. The Blank (16bit Remix) - Skism
14. Boom - Excision, Datsik
15. Nuke Em - Datsik
16. Headcharge (Eskmo Remix) - Backdraft
17. Sweatshop (Antiserum Remix) - ill.gates and Meesha
18. I Dont Like You - Max Ulis
19. Dum Dumz - Blackheart
20. Jig - Tom Encore
21. Im on a Boat (ill.Gates + Freedom Danish RMX) - Th


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